Need to add the ability to track time to a single record? Easy peasy!

What CAN I do with the Timer field?

  • Track time to a single record.

  • Start/stop a timer to track in real-time.

  • Create manual time entries.

  • Track time against an estimated time.

What CAN'T I do with the Timer field?

  • Starting/stopping a timer in one browser tab (or another computer or phone), will not update other open tabs (or other computers or phones) running Bento. We will be adding this functionality very soon!

  • Time entries cannot be moved to other records.

How do I set up and configure the Timer field?

  1. Create a new Field on a Set, and choose the Timer type.

Configuration Options

  • Default tags (this allows you to set tags that will appear when creating time entries, but they will be greyed out until the user clicks on them)

  • Show progress bar (this allows you to display the timer field with a progress bar, and doing so will automatically show the estimated time area).

  • Show estimated time (this allows you to display the estimated time next to the time that has been tracked already.)

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