New + improved

  • Users can now safely "Create", "Unlink" and "Delete" items in Pointer Fields without having to worry about overriding updates from other users who might be editing the same field at the same time.

  • Creating and deleting items in Pointer Fields is now much faster thanks to some performance enhancements! Yippee!

  • Contact and Company single views and table views now have a new Value Field where users can enter a dollar amount. Additionally, the table views for Contacts and Companies now display an aggregate total of the Value Field at the bottom of the page. This can prove useful for displaying the value of a lead or tracking how much current clients have already spent.

  • Added a "Require Change Note" flag in Priority Fields which, if turned on, forces users to record a reason for changing the priority and automatically logs the change and the reason in the Activity Feed of the item.

  • Added Priority Fields as an option to show in the list view of Pointer Fields.

General Fixes

  • Fixed a reported issue where the Status field was displaying an error.

  • Fixed a reported issue where a Timer Field would already be started when creating a new item within a Set if another timer was already running on an existing item within the same Set.

  • Fixed a reported issue where a Timer Field could be started and edited before an item in a Set was created, thus causing the perception that time was being recorded when it was not.

  • Fixed a reported issue in Pointer Fields where creating a new item would show the URL path instead of the title.

  • Fixed a reported issue in the Pointer Field where the search functionality was not working as intended.

  • Fixed a reported issue that was causing Document Templates in the Send Email action to not render the template correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented searching for Document Templates in the Send Email action.

  • Fixed a reported issue where the Files Tool was not showing all system-wide files at the HQ level.

  • Fixed a reported issue where the Actions Menu was not showing to users who had permission to see this menu.

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