New + improved

  • Made an adjustment in Staff Scheduling so that shift cost will only appear on shifts visible on the admin side only. Shifts visible on the staff side will not show cost.

  • Activity Feed tool is now available on the HQ and My Stuff levels.

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue in the Document merge process where, if individual Merge Tags had issues, they would bubble up and keep the rest of the doc from merging.

  • Fixed issue in Fields where, if an individual field had issues, it sometimes would bubble up and keep a full page from displaying.

  • Removed Inclusive Tax Rates from breakdown section display on Invoices. Made adjustments to Vendor column display for Menu sections on Invoices.

  • Fixed an issue where the columns in the Vendor section on an Invoice were misaligned.

  • Updated PDF Download button text color to match other items in Invoice Builder.

  • Removed unnecessary spacing between Invoice section on Merge Tags.

  • Fixed an issue where some Document Templates were not appearing when creating a new document as expected.

  • In Invoice Merge Tags, choice selections are now displayed in bulleted lists.

  • In Invoice Merge Tags, fixed column alignment of items lists in the pdf.

  • In Invoice Merge Tags, updated the color options for Section Notes on from red to black.

  • In Invoices, if the client is tax exempt, the pricing breakdown now shows $0.00 for taxes that are relevant but not applied.

  • Changed title of 'Breakdown' section to 'Total' on Invoices.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking "Clear Tools" and then selecting "No" to cancel the action would result in all tools being cleared anyway.

  • Fixed an issue on the Calendar App View where events were not showing up on the correct day.

  • Fixed an issue where the colors on the Calendar App View were not consistent.

  • Fixed an issue in the Invoice Builder where bullet points would overflow on top of the page and not wrap to the next line.

  • Fixed issue with caching Collections subviews in Firefox private mode.

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