Welcome to the Bento Roadmap! In this article, you'll find a breakdown of everything we are currently working on or planning on for the future of Bento.

This list is not exhaustive, and we are updating our roadmap every week to reflect our priorities.

If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

What Features We Just Released:

  • Stepped Forms (Released)

  • Value Property on Contacts/Companies (Released)

  • Mobile Navigation (Released)

What We're Working on Right Now

  • Mobile Optimizations (In Progress)

  • Modal Re-Design & Optimization (In Progress)

  • Enhanced Workflow Visualization (In Progress)

  • Associating Actions with a Workflow (In Progress)

  • Scheduled Actions (In Progress)

  • Files App View (In Progress)

  • Adding Tools to Companies (In Progress)

  • Enhancements to Timesheets (Up Next)

What's Next on Our Plate?

  • G-Mail/G-Suite Integration (Up Next)

  • Configuring Collections View per Tool (Up Next)

  • Permissions on Actions (Up Next)

  • Tracking attachment field downloads (Up Next)

  • Enhancements to Portals (Up Next)

  • Gantt Chart View (Up Next)

  • Login Optimization / Bypassing login if already logged in (Up Next)

  • Edit Sets from Anywhere (Up Next)

  • Group by Workflow in Collections (Up Next)

  • Single Document as a Page (Up Next)

What's Planned for the Future?

General Features

  • Pinned/Bookmarked Pages (Planned)

  • Ability to Set Default Tags on App Views (Planned)

  • Ability to Duplicate a Workflow (Planned)

  • Private Toggle (Planned)

  • Tagging Parent also Tags Child Records (Planned)

  • Bulk Create Users via CSV (Planned)

  • Project by Value Report (Planned)

  • Ability to Batch Update fields in Collections (Planned)

  • Ability to Filter by an Anti-Tag (Planned)

Builder Tools (Sets)

  • Custom merge tags (Planned)

  • Show/hide fields conditionally (Planned)

  • Full WYSIWIG on Text Fields (Planned)

  • Customize Fields in Collections View (Planned)

  • Folders (Planned)

  • Re-order Checklist Items (Planned)

  • Permissioned Tabs (Planned)

  • Archiving and Re-calling Changes (Planned)

  • Ability to Configure Available Views (Under Consideration)

  • Add Teams Tool to Sets (Planned)

  • Add Contact Tool to Sets (Planned)

  • Ability to View Archived Tabs (Planned)

  • Ability to Move Actions to Other States in a Workflow (Planned)

  • Ability to Move Items from Deleted States to Another State (Planned)

  • Ability to Point to Documents (Planned)

  • Conditional Logic on Assignee Fields (Planned)

  • Ability to Drag Fields Above Tabs (Planned)


  • Visualize Organization Hierarchy (Planned)

  • Visualize Projects and Sub-Projects

  • Visualize Sets and Sub-Sets


  • Single Company Page Redesign (Planned)

  • Collection Caching Optimization (Planned)

  • Ability to Edit Assignee from List View (Planned)

  • Breadcrumbs Overhaul (Planned)

  • Drop-down Overhaul (Planned)

  • Option to Inherit Tags when Moving Item (Planned)

  • Drag+Drop on Sort Order Board View (Planned)

  • Ability to Search Email Addresses in Send Email action (Planned)

  • Consistent Page Headers (Planned)

  • Edit Sets from Table View (Planned)

  • Re-worked Workflow for Adding/Editing Pages (Planned)

  • Updated Notifications Inbox (Planned)

  • Re-Designed Filters/Queries (Planned)

  • Collection Header Re-design (Planned)

  • Fullscreen Collection UI (Planned)

  • Dropdowns to Tools in Breadcrumbs (Planned)

  • Simplified Board View (Planned)

  • Calendar Field Optimization (Planned)

  • Drag+Drop Reorder Tools (Planned)

  • User Profile Redesign (Planned)

  • Timer Field Redesign (Planned)

  • Layout Tool / Formatting Blocks (Planned)

  • Invoice Redesign (Planned)

  • Schedule Redesign (Planned)

  • Inventory Redesign (Planned)

  • Versioning at Field Level (Planned)

  • Reorder Field in List/Table View (Planned)

  • Masking of Sensitive Information in Field (Planned)

  • Ability to Press Enter for Yes and Tab+Enter for Cancel (Planned)

  • Adding Visual Difference between Vendors and Custom Items (Planned)

  • Related Projects Box View Hierarchy Wireframe (Planned)

  • Edit Workflow State Description from Project Header (Planned)

  • Adjustable Column Widths on Table View (Planned)

  • Enable Mentions in Text Area (Planned)

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