Documents allow you to customize the look and format of your team's documents, and uses Merge Tags to pull in data from the current Space. You can pull in a full item in a set, specific properties, or a lists that live within the current set.

To begin adding merge tags to a document, open the edit page of the document, and in the body of the document, type "{{" to open the list of available tags.

Once opened, you can continue typing to search for the tag you're interested in, and click on it or hit enter to select the tag, which drops the tag in place.

To see the data pulled in, click Preview Document.

Full Item in a Set

The tag matching the name of a set pulls in the most recent item in that set (in the current space) and displays each field within it, like this:

For a set called Tickets, the tag will appear as {{Tickets}} when editing the document.


To find a specific field, look for the tag matching the format {{[Set Name].[Field Name]}}. So, if you have a Tasks set, and want to pull in the Description property, use the {{Tasks.Description}} tag. There will be a tag for each field in each set.


To pull in a full list of items in a space, use the tag matching the format {{[Set Name]_list}}. So, for the list of all Tasks in the current space, use the {{Tasks_list}} tag.

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