New + improved:

  • In Pointer Fields, you can now search and link items in the list view. Users can search for items across their system that they have access to (items that either is tagged with their user tag or a team they are part of). Pointers also have a new option to prevent users from creating new items from the field, and only allow searching.

  • Added a new field that can reference data from other sets. This field is called the 'Reference field'. You can use this field to push and pull data between items

  • Staff schedule notification emails will now contain links to the shift single view.

  • Staff schedule notifications will now contain the name of the staff schedule that the shift is related to.

  • Staff scheduling notifications will mention if a shift has been 'updated' if it is not a newly scheduled shift. Notifications for newly scheduled shifts will state 'scheduled'.

  • Address Fields now have an option to only collect only the Country and State/Province information.

  • In the Create Record(s) action, the main item's Parent property can now be passed on to items created as the generated item's Parent and/or in its tag set.

  • Cleaned up details area on single shift views. This details area is editable in the 'edit shifts' modal and on the single shift view. Also, added permissions to this area where managers control the details of a shift.

  • Removed 'edit' button from shift boxes in the 'My Schedule' tool where it did not make sense. Only managers should be able to edit a shift. Staff can only pick them up.


  • Fixed issue with scheduling tool blank screen.

  • Fixed issue with scheduling email notification showing 'undefined' for shift details.

  • Fixed small issue where signature field on profile view was not allowing users to edit.

  • When mentioning another user in a comment, the mentioned user is no longer automatically set as a "Listener" on that item.

  • Fixed issue where it was possible for a user in a portal to mention another user and receive a notification themselves.

  • Fixed issue with adding box views to dashboards. Dashboards with existing box views were being overwritten when adding new box views.

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