New + improved:

  • Expanded the Move action in items in sets, to allow you to move/nest items into Users, Contacts, and Space-like custom entities.

  • Re-designed the 'Create new contact' flow in the CMS tool to focus on the process of creating a contact and make it more efficient to attach contacts to companies.

  • Bento Builders now have another way to fold their data: Subsets! In build mode, you can now add subsets to any of your current sets, which inherit the fields of the parent set. Subsets can extend sets with their own specific fields and views, and adjust view settings or hide fields they inherit from their parent set. Items in sets can freely flow between subsets and maintain their data as they pass through. Separate out your favorite Tasks set into Calls and Proposals for the Sales team, Stories and Bugfixes for the Dev team, and Campaigns and Blog Posts for Marketing--each tailored to its specific niche--and view them separately or in a big board together. Find the folds in your work and go--we're excited to see what you come up with! Happy building :)


  • In Invoices, fixed issue where custom items were not having the default surcharges for their category applied.

  • In Invoices, now applying default surcharges from the category for custom items to make use of latest inventory config changes when copying line items from templates.

  • Fixed issue in Invoices where, when changing quantity, the absolute quantity did not get set correctly and would be thrown off when listed in the Invoice merge tag.

  • Fixed issue where bad absolute quantity values on template line items would get carried over.

  • Fixed issue in Invoices where discounts applied to the overall invoice were not being carried over to invoices generated with schedule templates

  • Fixed issue in Invoices where inclusive taxes were being tacked on to total price in payment schedules.

  • In Invoices, added a visual cue to show that inclusive taxes do not add to the invoice total.

  • Fixed an issue where adding double or single quotes to a Line of Text field would cause display issues upon page refresh.

  • Fixed issue in Sets where, when creating custom tabbed views in single entity pages, large field Descriptions (often w/images) set on the view options would not stick.

  • In Invoice Payment History merge tag, fixed issue where date created was used as the payment date.

  • Fixed issue where notification emails were not being sent out to contacts when mentioned in comment threads.

  • Fixed issue in Invoices where breakout items in vendors were not having their categories limited to the categories associated with the vendor.

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