New + improved:

  • Added a new 'line-item-pricing-breakdown' merge tag, which looks at invoices and breaks taxes and surcharges out for individual line items and sections on an invoice.

  • All tool pages are now re-nameable! When adding a tool page to a space, you can now customize the name--maybe its Leads instead of Contacts, or Proposals instead of Projects--whatever makes sense for you and your team. Happy building :)


  • Fixed issue in Invoice Menu Builder where custom items were not being properly balanced.

  • Fixed issue where the Duplicate button in collections would not update the list in real time.

  • Fixed issue in Invoices where invoice total did not balance when adding new payments.

  • Fixed issue discovered in the board view of collections where the parent would not always be set (in the cached version) when items were created.

  • In Invoice payment schedules, fixed issues where scheduling a new payment with an amount greater than the balance on a previous payment would cause balancing issues, and creating new payments in schedule would always create a new payment w/an amount of $0.00.

  • Fixed issue where Projects created within Teams were not being tagged with the team when they are created from a template.

  • Fixed an issue where the due date visual indicator was appearing when the field was blank.

  • Fixed an issue in the Invoice builder where surcharges were being taxed.

  • Fixed an issue with the Attachments field that was preventing users from properly adding and removing files.

  • Fixed issue in Teammate(s) fields where sometimes switching between multi and single versions in the configuration would make the field unable to update.

  • Fixed an issue in portals where sets on the home instance were being cached when logging into a portal instance, and tools/views tied to sets in the portal instance would not load.

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