New + improved:

  • Updated the Send Email action to allow documents to be sent via email as a publicly available link.
  • When adding fields to (tabbed) views, allowing the user to add multiple fields at once, and carry overview options currently set on the field in the base set.
  • Added the ability to style tables with borders, background colors, and padding inside the document editor.
  • Added the ability to add custom hexadecimal colors in the color picker.
  • Added Comments merge tag, which displays the full comments feed, broken out by the day.
  • When creating documents attached to items within Sets, made merge tags that pull in data outside of the current item (like user doc link and signature tags) available.
  • When merging in values from a Pointer field into a document, added links to the items.


  • Redesigned tabs on sets to avoid confusion between tabs and fields.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing tabs to go off the screen if too many were added. Now, tabs will wrap to the next line.
  • In Comments, fixed issue where the styling of the input did not match the comments feed, and some things (list checklists) were being lost.
  • In Text fields, fixed issue where pasting into the field would sometimes wrap the copied code in a tag style.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the workflow icon from being changed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating new items from the pointer field when outside of the HQ area.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing links from being added in attachments.
  • Fixed an issue preventing adding attachments outside of the HQ area.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing selections to show back up when the attachment field was on "single selection only" mode.
  • Adjusted the attachment field to allow clearing of items when on the "single selection only" mode.
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