New + improved:

• Added Label Position view option to fields, with options "left" (the default), "above", and "hidden". The "above" and "hidden"

options allow the field to take the full width.

• In Send Email action, added the ability to merge text fields from the main object into the title of the email. Documents

generated in this action are also now inheriting the tags of the parent object.

• Added links to Teammate(s) and Title Field merge tags.

• In Pointer Field merge tags, fields configured for display on the list are now being displayed as sub-items in the merge tag.

• In the Comments merge tag, note text is now being displayed in the block-quote area, to help visually distinguish it.

• Clicking on Teams from the Left Nav will now close the Tools Sidebar.

• Removed Board and Calendar subviews from the Teams tool collections.


• Fixed issue in Invoices where the user would need to refresh the page in order to see changes to invoice settings (product

category surcharges and tax rates) on invoices.

• Fixed issue with collections sub view and single entity view caching.

• Fixed an issue where tax exemption documents would not download.

• Fixed an issue that prevented tabs from being edited on Sets.

• Fixed an issue that was preventing signed documents from being downloaded if they were not part of a Project.

• Fixed issue with adding box views. This process was very unstable. This fix adds a new, more stable way of adding box views to


• Fixed Image Field merge tags.

• Fixed issue in Public Submit Form in Sets where sometimes actions tied to the initial state of a workflow would not be

triggered when the form was submitted.

• Fixed issue in Send Email Action where, when it was triggered by state change to automatically prompt the user, sometimes

the email body would not merge.

• Fixed an issue where documents were not filtering properly in the single contact view.

• Fixed an issue where adding double-quotes to the title of a Product would not save properly.

• Fixed an issue where Shared Files would redirect to the login page if the link didn't contain 'http:/

• Fixed an issue that caused documents created from the 'Send Email' action to display inside of the HQ documents tool.

• In the Sets tool, fixed instability issues with modals when viewing a single view of an item.

• Fixed an issue that caused the 'Select All' checkboxes on collections table sub view to get out of sync and not function properly.

• Fixed an issue where the Recent Project box view would not load if there were projects that contained an archived main contact.

• Fixed issue in Pointer Field where, when using the main item as a template for items created within the pointer, sometimes

time-log values would be copied from the main item into the created item.

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