Creating a template

Step 1

Go to the Project list.

Step 2

Create a project you would like to save as a template. If the project has already been created, open the project.

Step 3

Click the options menu in the top right of the project page and choose Move To Templates.

That's it! You can continue to edit the project template to make it perfect for your use case. 


  • Project templates are not active projects and will not appear in the regular project list. 

  • Changes to project templates are not reflected in projects that have already been created from the template. Changes will only be applied to new projects using that template.

Using a Template

Step 1

Go to the project page.

Step 2

Click the options button in the top right and select Create New.

Step 3

Give the new project a name and description (optional).

Step 4

Choose a workflow.

Step 5

Choose a template.

That's it! Your new project will be created using the template you selected.

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