What are Tags?

Keeping content organized is important to us, and we do that by using Tags in the Bento system. 

Tags are how we allow users to easily share information with other Teams and individual users. Tags are also how you can give ‘permission’ to another individual or Team to view and edit information in Bento. When you are sharing access with an individual user or a team, you are essentially giving them “permission” to view that information.

What information would you want to share?

Throughout the Bento system, you can share information with any user or team. For example, if you have a Marketing Team project setup and you want the Sales Team to also have access to that team’s project information, you can simply add the Marketing ‘team tag’ to that project. This lets you easily share information throughout the system as needed. 

Here are some things you may want to share with another user or Team:

  • Company information 

  • Individual contact information

  • Projects

  • Documents

How do you share access to something with other people using Tags?

Wherever you are at in the system, whether it is on a contact, project, or even within a team, there is an icon with a ‘+’ sign and a text that says ‘Add a tag.’ Start typing the first 3 letters of the individual or team tag you are trying to add. Then choose the team or individual from the list that pops up. 

Additionally, you can quickly filter to the type of tag you want using this syntax:

  • @ - will filter just users

  • # - will filter just tags

  • :user or :users - will filter just users

  • :team or :teams - will filter just teams

  • :project or :projects - will filter just projects

  • :company or :companies - will filter just companies

  • :contact or :contacts - will filter just contacts

For example, if you wanted to find a specific user quickly, you could type this in the tag search: @Ricky Voltz (obviously, type in the name of the user you are looking for).

Note: If you give permission to a team by adding the team tag to anything, you are giving every individual that is set on that team permission to view that information.

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