Who has access to the HQ?

Usually the business owner or manager has access to the HQ at first. However, after you put your users into the Team Members area, you can give any team member access to the HQ by clicking the Options Button (ellipsis icon in the upper right hand corner) of your Dashboard when you log in and choosing ‘HQ Access.’ 

What are HQ Tools?

Do you want to see all of the contacts that anyone on your team has added to Bento? Maybe you want to view all of the tasks your different team members are working on. Whatever you want to see, HQ Tools allow you to see everything that is going on in your organization through Bento. 

Your HQ Tools are available to anyone who has permission to view your Headquarters. 

What are HQ Teams?

HQ Teams are all of the teams that have been set up in your organization. Standard teams that most organizations have are Operations, Sales, and Accounting. However you may have many more teams that that working on various things at any given point. If you have access to the HQ, you are able to see ALL teams. If you do not have access to the HQ, you will only see the teams that you are a part of.

What are HQ Projects?

HQ Projects are all of the projects that you want everyone who has HQ access to be a part of. At Bento we use HQ projects for general team information that we want anyone who has access to the Headquarters to know, such as personality tests, login info, and brand standards. Everyone who has HQ access will be able to see a project created as an HQ Project. Anyone who does not have HQ access will not be able to see a project created as an HQ Project.

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