What are Teams? 

Teams are the different groups of people that manage the various aspects of your organization. Do you have a person or a group of people that make up your Sales team? In that case, you would set up a ‘Sales’ Team and tag the users you have added under Team Members to that team. Then those team members will be able to manage all their Team Tools that Bento offers. The same goes for an Operations team, a Customer Support team, a Board of Directors, etc. 

You can add a user to a team by choosing the team name and adding that users tag to the team. (i.e. @johnsmith) If a team member has not been added to a team this way, they will not be able to see any information related to that team. 

What are Team Tools?

Your team members can use Team Tools to manage team members, create and share projects, access companies and contacts that are relevant to that team, create tasks, and share documents. 

Here are a list of Team Tools:

  • Teams

  • Projects

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Tasks

  • Documents

Another cool thing you can do is give one team access to a whole other team in the organization. For example if you have your Sales Team setup and you want the Marketing Team to also have access to that team’s information, you can simply add the Marketing ‘team tag.’ This should let you know easily share information throughout the system as needed. 

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